Tony (snousle) wrote,

The more I look at the political world, the more I feel that the most significant division is not between "liberal" and "conservative", but rather between "analysts" and "partisans".

Nobody is 100% in either camp, but I'd say that a 25-75 split is typical.

Some generalizations:

Partisans' opinions are guided by loyalty to their peers.
Analysts' opinions are guided by data.

Partisans reflexively seek information that confirms their beliefs.
Analysts reflexively seek information that challenges their beliefs.

Partisans do not show any affinity for numbers, and rely mostly on anecdotes.
Analysts disregard information that is not carefully measured and quantified.

Partisans are mostly concerned with ideas far removed from personal decisions and action.
Analysts are mostly concerned with ideas that have immediate practical use.

Partisans care about what other people think and try to persuade others of their correctness.
Analysts don't much care what other people think, but sometimes mislead others to secure their own advantage.

Partisans believe their cause is inherently moral and just.
Analysts see morality as arbitrary, and invoke it without sincerity.

Partisan differences are entrenched and inherently unresolvable.
Analysts often have differing goals, but gain strength through finding common ground.

Partisans believe the world is full of flaws that must be corrected.
Analysts do not judge the world as good or bad, but accept it on its own terms.

Partisans are frequently outraged when their expectations are violated.
Analysts are cool and unemotional, but skilled at generating outrage among their opponents.

Partisans sometimes imitate analysts, but cannot "pass" in an analytic environment.
Analysts don the cloak of partisanship easily, and use it to their advantage.

Partisans are loud and prominent, yet remain weak and easily manipulated.
Analysts quietly rule the world.
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